Did you know....

When it comes to drinking water, you really ARE what YOU DRINK!

​Your body is made up of 40%-60% of water. Staying hydrated with healthy, quality water is very important to one's health. Both under filtering and over filtering your tap water can be harmful and toxic to your body. Over treating and filtering your water changes the structure of the water and strips it of life and minerals while under filtering your tap water can cause toxin build up in your body. Our spring water is in it's most natural and raw state with NO additives - the way water was intended to be consumed and enjoyed. 

“Green” facts about our water and bottles

One 5 gallon bottle contains 640 oz

  • One 5 gallon bottle contains the equivalent of (40) 16 oz single use bottles
  • The Average Customer will drink 2 bottles per month or the equivalent of 80 single use bottles
  • In one year, one of our bottle will save the an average customer the equivalent of 960 single use bottles
  • Over the life of one bottle (4 years on average or about 100 uses) it will save the equivalent of 3,840 single use bottles.

“Cost” Facts about our water and bottles

Mayacamas Mountain Spring Water cost $8.25 per 5 gallon bottle or $1.65 per gallon

The equivalent of .0117 CENTS per ounce
Mayacamas Mountain Spring Water cost the equivalent of 18 CENTS per 16 oz bottle (Spring water at retail is $.79 to $1.75 per 16 oz bottle)

A case of “Nestle Pure Life Spring Water” at Walmart is $5.98 for (24) 16 oz bottles or .0155 CENTS per ounce or .25 CENTS per bottle

You save $1.68 per case of 24 with Mayacamas Mountain Spring Water (and you get it delivered to your door!)

Fun Facts