The Source 

We source our Spring Water from a family owned and operated spring on the top of Cobb Mountain which is the highest peak of the Mayacamas Mountain Range in Lake County of Northern California. 
The source of our water is safe and pristine and is protected both by the unique volcanic geology of Cobb Mountain as well as by the state of the art quality processes employed by the family owned company that operates the spring. 
It is from the Wappo language that the name “Mayacamas” derives. Mayacamas could have several meanings, but it believed to have meant  “the source of the water”, referring  to the springs and headwaters of creeks that feed the Napa and Sonoma Rivers. It is from one of these Natural Springs in the Mayacamas Mountains of Lake County, that our Pure and Pristine Mountain Spring Water comes from. Mayacamas Mountain Spring Water is the best Nature has to offer.

The Process 

Our water is captured directly from the mountain spring on Cobb Mountain of Lake County, without the use of a borehole (well) and is never exposed to any outside contaminants. It is pumped into stainless steel water tanks and transported to the bottling facility in Cotati of Sonoma County.

Once it reaches the facility, it is pumped out of the tanks, through a  Three Stage Filtering* process, removing any sediments, but leaving the naturally occurring and beneficial minerals in the water. 

  • Micron Filtration: Filters are made up of five 2-feet long filters in a single canister that are designed to filer out 99.9% of all bacteria. 
  • Ultraviolet Light: High intensity light that kills any bacteria that might be present on caps and bottles. 
  • Ozonation: This process acts as an aniseptic that kills any bacteria that might be present during the bottling process. This is required by all bottlers in the industry by the US Food and Drug Administration. 

Once entering the enclosed cleaning and bottling system, the bottles, which are BPA and BPS Free and Made in the USA are washed in a self-sealed cleaning system and then rinsed with our spring water.

The cleaning line and bottling line are in the same self-contained system, so the bottles are never exposed to any outside contaminants.

The Details

Water from the Cobb Mountain spring undergoes regular testing for quality assurance which is submitted to the California Department of Public Health’s Food and Drug Branch. 

Our Spring Water contains healthy and natural Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium and Potassium.

No other Metals (such as Aluminum), Anions (such as Flouride or Nitrate), or Volatile Organic Compounds (such as Chloroform, Acetone, Methylene Choride) have been found in this water. 

Our water's Acidity/Alkaline (pH) was last tested at 7.3. Liquids with a pH value from 0 to 7 is acid, whereas over 7 it is alkaline. 

For a complete copy of our Water Quality Reports, please call (415) 426-0741 or email us at 
To view our Bottled Water Distribution License, issued by the State of California Department of Public Health Food and Drug Branch, please click 

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the people of Marin, Sonoma and Napa Counties with home and office delivery service of pristine mountain spring water. Our water is sourced directly from a regional spring, bottled by a family owned facility and delivered by a locally owned company. 

We pledge to keep our profits local and to remain true to our values which include providing excellent service, promoting environmental awareness and supplying pristine Spring Water.

Our Water