What people are saying about Mayacamas Mountain Spring Water...

"5 years ago, I was diagnosed with cancer and since on one really knows the cause, I latched onto the partial idea that it could be my water or house pipes. I had my water tested and all came back fine, but the lingering thought of chlorine, fluoride and old pipes really bothered me. I drank very little tap water. 
Having natural spring water delivery has been tremendous to me. I'm hydrating more and the water tastes amazing and is nothing like our city/county water.
It might be a small thing but it's important to me. 
We went with just the little crock and it's only been a few weeks, but I've been so pleased with the company. As a fellow small business, it feels good to support someone local and drink local." 

Megan C. (Sonoma)

"I am pleased to write a very positive review regarding Mayacamas Mountain Spring Water and particularly about the owners Sarah and Josh. Water may be the most important life enhancing component a human being can consume given our primary make up. The quality of the water is equally important and all water is not created equal(ly). The water Mayacamas distributes is in it's natural virgin state and therefore has not been altered in any way other than to minimally purify it. No additives or chemicals are used in the process of it's extraction. Rather, all important existing minerals are maintained which are essential life giving and enhancing as well as restorative hydration. Our family has increased it's consumption of water due to the more natural taste of Mayacamas water as well as to the presence of a dispenser the company also provided. The company prides itself on consistent and timely information delivery via it's internet delivery date updates. It also communicates with it's customers in a very positive and respectful as well as professional way. We are grateful to have met Linn and Josh as they cost effectively provide a product of tangible value in a world which promotes obsolescence." 

Mark L. (Ross)

"Mayacamas has great service and the people are wonderful! I'm very happy we signed up with them."

Nicholas G. (Fairfax)

"We have been getting water from Mayacamas Mountain Spring Water since their inception. The water is delicious and since it is straight from the source and completely pure I know I am making a healthy choice for my family. The owners are very knowledgeable and are right there when I need them. The price is less expensive than our previous service and there have been no hidden fees. I couldn't be happier!!!"

Kelly C. (Novato)

"Mayacamas helped our fundraiser for a local Novato child. The owners were 100% enthusiastic and committed to our cause. They set up 2 water stations, and kept over 200 participants hydrated- all in 100+ degree weather. Thank goodness we had them there to support our fundraiser and our community. I'm so thankful to have this type of service in our hometown."

Mary C. (Novato)

"I signed up for Mayacamas Water at a fair, not sure what to expect.  Linn and Josh have been the best!  That personal commitment to making sure I'm happy and get what I need is always there.

I have used them in the workplace too and have been  thrilled with the service and how Josh kept track for a busy me of what I might need and provided it.  Josh you are the best!!  I have used Alhambra prior and it was a billing and delivery disaster so this company was a ray of sunshine in making things easy.  

I also feel good about the quality of water I am getting.  As well, big business like Alhambra isn't the only game in town as companies like Mayacamas sprout and provide business with good conscience."

Jaimie V. (San Rafael)

"I love Mayacamas! I love that I'm a small privately owned business utilizing another small privately owned business!! Josh and Linn are fantastic! What I love best is the communication (customer service). Emails reminding me of my water delivery and no problems if I don't need a delivery that week. Josh worked with me to find the perfect water dispenser for my store!!

And then there's the water = YUM!!! It's absolutely delicious!!! Plus it's spring water, not distilled water with minerals added back in. 

Josh was also able to accommodate my strange business hours by delivering during a time when I'm here. I just love supporting a privately owned company that's not a conglomerate. People who actually care about their customers!!

Do yourself a favor and forgo the "big guys". Mayacamas is where it's at!!!"

Kimberly H. (San Rafael)

"The spring water Linn and Josh are making available to the public is the best, most refreshing water I ever tasted. And I am picky about my water...! Health, purity is number one when it comes to what I drink or eat. I was very impressed with Mayacamas spring water when I read the official water report Linn had sent me. I was also happy to learn that it is delivered fresh in BPA-free (big plus!!!) 5-gallon containers every two weeks, which is a great schedule -- it assures that you don't have to store tons of bottles, yet you have plenty of water for drinking, cooking, etc. And if you realize you need more or less than the two weeks previous, even the day before delivery, they accommodate your request. Linn and Josh are very nice people, the water and the service they provide deserves 5+ stars all around. I highly recommend them."

Brigitta B. (Sausalito)

"My fiance and I were looking for a healthy alternative to the usual bottled water. We were thrilled to find Mayacamas spring water delivered in non-BPA bottles. The water tastes so fresh and clean. We also get top-notch and extremely friendly service from Josh and Linn. We enthusiastically recommend both the water and service."

Elizabeth F. (San Rafael)

"We switched to Mayacamas Mountain Spring Water about 6 months ago and love it.  The water tastes so much fresher and cleaner.  I've had many other bottled waters that taste like they came from a swamp.  Not only is the water amazing but the service is too!"

Mary Anne H. (San Rafael)